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The challenge of dual education in 2024

Training concept for trainers in dual education 

The shortage of skilled workers is hitting the skilled trades particularly hard, many jobs remain vacant and the question is how young people can be successfully recruited for the skilled trades. In addition, the quality of trainees, their backgrounds and needs have changed dramatically in recent years. This presents in-company and full-time trainers with the challenge of involving young people with a wide variety of needs in their teaching. 


To support them in this task with practice-oriented courses, the Chamber of Crafts for Munich and Upper Bavaria, together with partners from Austria, Italy and Slovenia in an international project, has developed a new blended learning course that is tested for the first time from January 24 to March 24. 


Seven modules with different thematic focuses teach what it takes to convince this diverse target group of a professional future in the skilled trades and successfully integrate them into the training processes. Each module includes an online part (approx. 6 hours) for self-paced learning in preparation for a day of classroom training (8 units). The modules can be booked individually or together, according to interest.    


Participation is free of charge.


For more information, please find the invitations in German, Italian and Slovene below:

- Invitation (Austria)

- Invitation (Slovenia)

- Invitation (Italia)


Internal project partner meetings

  • Kick off-meeting in Ljubljana 3./4.November 2022

  • Virtual meeting on 14. March 2023


Public events

  • Apprenticeship fair „LEHRE LIVE“ WITUS Vorarlberg 2./3. February 2023

  • Next apprenticeship fair “ LEHRE LIVE” WITUS Vorarlberg 30./31. January 2025



  • Report on the findings of the need analysis validations of the train the tutor programme and conclusions for the development of the blended learning curriculum (NDU Partner Report)

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