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Partner institutions

The project partners of the consortium have been chosen on the basis of experience with multinational projects and harmonized and complementary competences. All partners involved into the project (apart from Witus) cooperated already successfully together in the implementation of the DuALPlus project, funded by Alpine Space Program from 2018 -2020.


The Team

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Handwerkskammer für München und Oberbayern


The Chamber of Skilled Crafts for Munich and Upper Bavaria (HWK) represents approximately 80.000 member companies with about 290.000 employees. Its responsibilities include the areas of self-management, advocacy and services. The government assigned various sovereign state functions, such as maintaining the trade registry and regulation of examinations.

HWK provides for joint representation of the concerns of all craftsmen in politics and public relations. Following the motto "practical and knowledgeable", it offers customized consulting for its members. The services range from business management, the law, all the way to environmental protection. HWK also provides entrepreneurs, workers and apprentices and their parents with advice and assistance in the field of education and training.

As main VET institution responsible for the qualification of in-company tutors, HWK is the ideal partner for offering innovative qualification programmes and courses to adapt and enhance the skills of incompany tutors in the crafts sector for coping with the challenges of today.



LVH Bildung & Service Gen


LVH is the regional association of craftsmanship of the region of South Tyrol in Italy and has been mainly active since its foundation in 1989 in representing the interests of crafts towards local and regional institutions, other associations and the society in general. With more than 8.000 members, LVA is the biggest trade association in South Tyrol/Italy. Its organizational structure includes 12 district organizations, 116 local groups and 60 professional communities (all together there are 80 different crafts), such as constructions Business, Installation and Facility, Metal, Carriage, Artistic Craftwork, Aliment, Textile, Media, Design and IT. The main activity of LVH is the representation of the interests of crafts towards local and regional institutions, other associations and the society. In addition, LVH offers a wide range of services to its members, such as accounting, personnel accounting, tax computation, consulting on the fields of innovation, legal advice and different training courses. At LVH are working more than 100 employees at the head office and in further 8 offices/premises spread throughout the region.

LVH can therefore primarily act as a contact provider in this project and support the various companies and their apprentices in organising and carrying out the planned mobilities.





Witus eGen

“witus eGen” is a cooperative of small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, including 5 villages in the Bregenzerwald valley that represent 5.559 inhabitants: Bezau, Bizau, Reuthe, Mellau, Schnepfau. Members of the  cooperative are from all lines of businesses: tourism, farming, manufacturers, retailers, services. The goal of “witus” is the profit of its members, but also to improve the standard of living in the region and make it attractive to live there for the entire community.

Witus eGen has great experience in acquiring apprentices. Witus eGen brings this experience to the acquisition of new target groups.




The Chamber of Craft and Small business of Slovenia (OZS)


The Chamber of Craft and Small Business of Slovenia was established 53 years ago by companies to represent the interests of crafts and small businesses. Today’s Chamber is a modern, innovative, membership-based business support organization that exists to connect its members to opportunity.

As one of the leading business support organization in Slovenia, OZS has a direct membership over 30.000 Slovenian companies. OZS is engaged in a huge variety of business support activities delivered on behalf of local, regional and national government and works very closely with a large variety of stakeholders, multipliers, social agencies and other partner organizations including other business support organizations, Trade associations, university, business incubators and ultimately the wider business community.

OZS offers full support to employers who practically train students in practical training with work (information, preparation of materials in support of the employer, open questions, solving problems between employers - students - schools).




The Autonomous Province of Trento (PAT) is a self-governing province with ample legislative and administrative powers in many fields and also in the educational sector. The Department of Education and Culture is active in the field of education (pre-primary, primary, middle and high-school), training (VET and any school-work alternance activities), university and research. It is responsible for the enhancement and modernization of the research, educational and scholar system in Trentino. It provides actions for the development and the innovation of the provincial school and training system, taking care of the pedagogical and didactic aspects; teachers and staff training, also in collaboration with IPRASE; advice and Counseling to schools for innovation of the school system.

Especially through the great experience in the development of pedagogical and didactical concepts and on the basis of a wide network, Pat is the ideal partner for the introduction and acceptance of new concepts.







The New Design University (NDU) was accredited as a private university in 2004. It was founded by the Lower Austrian Chamber of Commerce and its business development institute (WIFI). Its distinguishing feature is the high degree of personal tuition; also, the university attaches much importance to combining theory with creative practice.

NDU has been lead and project partner in several national as well as international projects funded by, e.g., EU-Interreg or AAL Joint Programmes.

The NDUs cooperation with industry is a matter of special importance to the Lower Austrian Chamber of Commerce and its Business Development Institute (WIFI NÖ), as the creative potential is becoming an increasingly crucial location factor.

Business skills and strong vocational character play a major role in education at the NDU. The NDU offers various bachelor and master courses.

NDU is involved in the development of new teaching formats, advancement of consisting curricula for crafts and design. NDU attaches particular importance to the valorisation of crafts and dual education. With stronger linkage of crafts and design in theory and practice both could become more sustainable.

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